Red Group is building Defence capability for Australia’s future

About us

We’re committed to maintaining sovereign defence capabilities, through the provision and development home-grown talent.

No one understands the contemporary threat better than us.

That’s why we’ve committed ourselves to enabling and supporting technical operations to secure the safety of not only our generation, but generations to come. Through the retention of key talent beyond traditional posting cycles, we ensure sensitive intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and electronic warfare capabilities stay close to home.

We aim to reduce our reliance on foreign entities, while simultaneously strengthening Australian industry to ensure critical capabilities can be backed by resilient sovereign sustainment mechanisms and resources.

About our team

Backed by decades of defence and government experience, Red Group’s team has been carefully comprised of hand-picked talent, with operational experience against a range of threats from around the globe.

Having lived and breathed sensitive operational capabilities, we’re uniquely positioned to understand the contemporary threat better than anyone.

We believe in the power of experience and have dedicated ourselves to protecting and advancing Australia’s Defence and Security capabilities. Our people are relied upon to deliver defensive and offensive capabilities through innovative and competitive means.

Vision + values

Our core mission is to build government capability to hold our adversaries at risk, while preserving our sovereignty and way of life.

We see a future full of home-grown talent supporting Defence, and a reduced reliance on overseas entities for the delivery of core military capabilities. Built by Australians, for Australia – our aim is to contribute and support specialist capabilities for a stronger, more resilient future.

We value excellence, integrity, and foresight. Our values guide our behaviour not only for our employees, but also supplier selection. Supported by tangible action statements, our values shape our moral compasses, and define the character of Red Group and our future direction.