Cybersecurity Services to keep information safe

Penetration Testing

Fortify your defences to protect what matters the most.

Red Group is comprised of Electronic Warfare operators, Intelligence Officers and Offensive Cyber specialists. Our unique experience and mindset help the custodians of our national infrastructure ensure the integrity of critical information and systems. We simulate a range of real-world cyber-attacks that leverage the latest techniques previously only available to nation-states and Advanced Persistent Threats.

We conduct rigorous testing and analysis, to provide actionable and easy-to-follow recommendations that identify vulnerabilities and their solutions. Proactively detecting areas of improvement, is only one part of a comprehensive approach to mitigating the risk of sophisticated and complex cyber security attacks.

Threat Intelligence

Cybersecurity moves quickly – we’ll help you keep up.

Thanks to Red Group’s decades of experience defending cyberspace, we’re using our knowledge of the adversary to better protect Government and Defence systems.

We gather data from various sources such as security incidents, hacker forums and the dark web, to help keep you and your organisation informed about emerging threats, trends and techniques. This data is then transformed into actionable insights and recommendations to proactively identify, prevent and mitigate potential cyber threats.

Accreditation and Compliance

Let us guide you through the complex legislative and regulatory cybersecurity landscapes

Here at Red Group, accreditation isn’t just a one-size fits all tick-box exercise. Our highly skilled team specialises in partnering with our government and defence clients to take a holistic approach to their cyber-worthiness.

Our goal is to understand current and future business operations, and provide advice and assurance to ensure all business operations adhere to their ever-evolving legislative, ethical and regulatory obligations.

Ultimately, we aim to assure commanders and warfighters alike that their mission systems are resilient to the endless stream of cyber-attacks, during both peacetime and war.

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