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A workforce by Australia, for Australia.

Red Group is committed to ensuring Australian and allied forces are fully prepared to meet the nations requirements now and into the future.

We have access to decades of contemporary operational experience, which allows us to provide a broad suite of technical training. We’re uniquely positioned to provide flexible, operationally contextualized learning packages to government clients.

Sustainment services

To be the best, you have to work with the best.

That’s why, we source, supply and maintain a contemporary collection of market-leading technology and equipment to suit a variety of operations.

From electronic warfare products to technical security solutions, we partner with our clients to deeply understand both stated and implied needs. We allow our years of hands-on experience and applied knowledge to guide our recommendations and purchasing decisions.

Operations support

We support a range of government clients, with highly experienced personnel and advanced technology from leading suppliers. Our people can help empower individuals and teams, while giving you the time and space to focus on the sharp edge.

Some of our foundational support areas include:

  • Communications
  • Security
  • Intelligence
  • Training
  • Electronic warfare


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From penetration testing to threat intelligence and compliance, Red Group is helping a range of organisations mitigate their cyber risk.

We look beyond the problem at hand and take a holistic approach to information security that incorporates people, processes and technology.

Backed by decades of applied industry experience and technical expertise, we’re helping to secure critical infrastructure, protect sensitive information and defend against the cyber security attacks of tomorrow.